About Me

This blog used to be called Eating Slowly, but don’t let that fool you.  If you come to my house for a home-cooked meal, you will likely find one or all three of our boys shoveling their food down as though, as my grandmother used to say, they were going to a fire.  There is never a dull moment in my house, and my dear, sweet boys have driven me to the confessional more times than I can count.  As for me, I’m a convert to the Catholic faith, preschool teacher, book lover, runner, and occasional geocacher.  We love the outdoors, movies, food, Indy Car racing, and each other.  Since I started this blog, I’ve developed a love for running, and I’ve run four half marathons, a ten miler, a few 15Ks and 10Ks, and a whole bunch of 5K races.  Needless to say that domestic duties often get put on the back burner when I’m training for a race (which is almost always).  You’re always welcome in our home, but enter at your own risk.

I became a Catholic in 1996.  If you want you can read my three-part conversion story:  Growing up Baptist, how I began to learn more about the Catholic faith, and how I finally made the decision to become Catholic.

I don’t know how regularly I will post here.  I love blogging about food, about my Catholic faith, about life issues, my family, and running.  As my subtitle suggests (“The Mundane Adventures of a Nerdy Catholic Family”) our lives are quite mundane, and we’re nerds, but we love a good adventure.  (I suppose in that sense we’re a little bit like hobbits, no?)  Sometimes our lives are so busy that I don’t post anything for weeks; other times I neglect my motherly duties in order to finish a post.

The current title of this blog, Eat. Play. Work. Love, is inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Eat, Pray, Love:  If we eat slowly, play (and pray) daily, work diligently, and love deeply, we’re on the right track, don’t you think?  Thanks for visiting; follow me and enjoy!


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you so much for listening to the Running Lifestyle Show. What a great title for the blog and how amazing is Elizabeth Gilbert!

    Run on,
    Kari Gormley

    • momn3boys says:

      Thanks, Kari, and thanks so much for visiting my blog! 🙂 I loved your interview with Jeff Galloway, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of it. I just started using the Galloway method to train for my first marathon this fall. Yesterday I ran a 10K with a 4:1 run/walk and got a PR! I’m hooked!

      • Congratulations on your PR! That’s awesome!

        You’re welcome! You have a very interesting story. 🙂 I’m glad you have enjoyed the Jeff Galloway’s interviews. Did you hear the July 2nd episode when he came back on to check in on my progress? He’ll be coming on once a month while I train for the Chicago and NYC marathons.

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