7 Quick Takes Volume 21: Sports Photographer In Da House


Last Sunday we enjoyed a game at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.  I brought my new camera with the telephoto lens, and Chris asked if he could take some photos.  While I sat and chatted with my friend who was visiting from Pittsburgh for the weekend about the food selection and Bryce Harper’s naked photo shoot, Chris had a field day with the camera.  I commented at one point that he sure was taking a lot of pictures, and when we got home I discovered he had taken over 450 photos.  Since I haven’t posted here in a couple of weeks (Father Roderick says if you only post to your blog every two weeks, people won’t read it), I thought it would be fun to share some of those photos here.  He wants to be a computer engineer, but sports photography could be a calling.




“Throw it here, Bryce!”



Yikes, Danny, don’t get picked off first!



As I was going through the hundreds of photos and editing them, Chris insisted that cropping them was unnecessary and it ruined the photos.  He started explaining something about the “rule of thirds,” which I’ve never heard of.  I know nothing about photography, apparently.




I did, however, crop this one.  I think it looks pretty good.  I’m sure Chris would disagree.



He hates this one.  I think it’s great.  It’s art.



And, of course, the Presidential Race.  Teddy won.  He’s not in the photo because, well, I guess he was so far ahead.


Tomorrow Chris and Ray plan to spend the day on the ham radio.  There’s a contest of some sort, and they can be quite competitive.  I’ll do a little running and visit the farmers’ market, but other than that I have nothing on my agenda.  Except Mass on Sunday of course!

For more Quick Takes, visit This Ain’t the Lyceum.  Kelly is in Charleston this week for the Edel gathering for Catholic women, but you can take a look at her and others’ posts from last week.  Have a great weekend!


UPDATE!!  This week’s 7 Quick Takes is hosted by Bonnie at her blog, A Knotted Life.  Check it out here!

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I'm a 40-something mom of three sons. I'm a teacher, lover of the outdoors, and a convert to the Catholic faith. My recent love of running and geocaching inspired me to start my blog, Ramblings of a Runner Cacher. Even though my family doesn't share my love for either of those things, we have A LOT of other things we enjoy together: movies, the beach, skiing, and Indy Car racing to name a few.
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