Random Ridiculosity: Theme Thursday (on a Saturday)

We’re supposed to be in Indiana tonight, celebrating my cousin E’s wedding.  When Joe and I were married, she was seven years old and she was our flower girl.


(Here’s E. at our wedding with my cousin S., who was four years old at the time. My grandmother made E’s dress.)

Now she’s all grown up and married.


(S. is all grown up too. I had to get a picture of them together when we had my parents’ 50th anniversary party this summer.)


(Here she is with B, the man she married today. The other girl in the picture is E’s younger sister.)

Instead we’re home.  Yesterday’s flight to Louisville was cancelled due to all the ridiculous weather; and to make a long story short, we weren’t able to book a flight that would get us there in time that without having to spend tons more money, not to mention the price of a hotel for the night–assuming we would even be able to get a room.  Even getting to the wedding in time would have been challenging.  And it’s supposed to snow a whole bunch in the midwest on Sunday, so we may well have ended up stuck.


So we left Dulles airport, and had a nice dinner at Clyde’s in Reston Towne Center before heading back home.  (And I was this close to talking my marathon-running cousin J.–aunt of the bride–into going for a run with me in the freezing cold.  Dang.)

I did go running today in the cold–seven miles, my longest to date.  Ridiculous?  Maybe.  I’ve signed up for a 15K in two weeks.  Yikes!  Now if I can run more than three miles without needing a potty break I’ll be in business.  (Note to self:  Cut the coffee.)

This afternoon we went bowling, something we haven’t done with the boys in a long time.  It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours.


(Curly just returned from a sleepover with some friends.  They slept only half an hour.  Ridiculous.)

And I just have to show you the ridiculously cute display they have at the bowling alley:




I think my next post will be a recipe for a delicious tomato soup I made back in November. So easy it’s ridiculous.

Tomorrow is Epiphany Sunday.  When I returned from my 7-mile run today, Joe and the boys had taken down all the Christmas decorations.  I’m a little sad that Christmas is just about over, but I’m looking forward to getting back into a regular routine again.  So let me say one more time,

Merry Christmas!

(Check out Clan Donaldson for more Theme Thursday ridiculousness.)

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