7 Quick Takes, Volume 13


I expect this will be my 7 Quickest Takes Ever, since I really don’t have time to do this.  Here we go….


First of all, I can’t post anything without first offering my thoughts and prayers for the victims of the Navy Yard shooting on Monday.  For us it hit pretty close to home, because for one thing we have attended many games at Nationals Park, which, as you probably know is located right next to the Navy Yard.  Second, Joe knows many people who work there, including (and I didn’t know this until Monday) a friend from college who was in our wedding, and who we haven’t seen in years.  Thankfully no one we knew was among the dead.  I can’t even imagine what their families are going through right now.


Cari’s theme yesterday was “Store,” so I’ll share a photo of something I picked up while grocery shopping on Tuesday:


The young lady checking my groceries went wide-eyed when she saw it, and asked if that was a new one.  I said, “Yes!  It just came out today!!!”  Hence followed an animated conversation with the checkout lady and two other women waiting in line about Nicholas Sparks and how much we love his books and that we can’t wait to read the new one because it’s been TWO YEARS since he published a new novel.  (But first I want to finish Immaculee’s book Led By Faith.  It’s amazing and I can hardly put it down.)

Methinks it’s time for me to reboot my Cooking Nick’s Books blog.


I said in a previous post that I would be making gazpacho.  Last Friday I purchased all the ingredients I would need for it, planning to cook it on Sunday.  Well, our weekend plans got altered somewhat and I ended up not having enough time; there was no way I would have time to make it during the week.  I made a nice salad with the vegetables (I still have some left, and I hope to use them this weekend; otherwise I’ll have to throw them out), and since my recipe said I could dress the cold soup up a bit with some crabmeat, I bought a little.  The other day I bought MORE crab meat and found this recipe online, which I prepared on Wednesday.  It got everyone’s stamp of approval.  I wish I had taken photos.

I don’t know when I’ll get around to making gazpacho.  I might have to wait until next summer when cucumbers are in season again…


Our parish and school had their annual cakewalk on Sunday.  It’s always a well-attended affair, although we have only been once, and we had planned to skip it this year as well.  When the president of the PTO called on Saturday and asked if my boys would help DJ and call the cake walk, we agreed.  (Joe didn’t even know what a cakewalk was.  This shocked me.  I had to explain that it’s an event where everyone brings a cake, and you set up a line of numbers–in this case, carpet squares with numbers on them–and you play music and the contestants walk along the line until the music stops and then you draw a number and if your number is called you win a cake.  Pretty simple.)  Sunday morning I arose early and made this cake.  I will tell you that mine was the most boring-looking one at the cakewalk.  Some of the others looked like this:





So anyhow, someone had brought an ipod with cakewalk music, someone else brought some sound equipment and a mic, and Curly, Moe, and I took turns playing the music and calling out the winning numbers.  We had some help from other parents and kids, too, and everyone had a great time.  (The boys would tell you it was the most boring thing ever, but don’t let them fool you.  They had a blast.)


(Curly at the mic)


Saturday the boys had a “gig” at an outdoor festival for dogs.  People and pooches came out to browse the booths set up for various rescue organizations, dog groomers, artists and photographers, and vendors (I bought a set of Pampered Chef bowls), and to enjoy some good food and music.  The boys played a set with their band, of some original songs as well as some covers.  I managed to take a few non-shaky videos, here’s one:

That’s Curly on lead vocals and guitar, Larry on backup, Moe on drums, and the boys’ friend Sam playing bass guitar.


Since I’ve become a total geocaching nerd lately, I wanted to share one that I found not long ago.  It was just down a side road from a busy highway, and when I walked up to where I thought the geocache would be hiding, I found it sitting out in the open.


It had to be the biggest one I’d ever seen.  But check out what I found when I opened it up:


That’s right, inside one of those plastic eggs is the little logbook.  In order to sign it, you must open up EVERY SINGLE EGG until you find the right one.  It took me a few minutes, but I managed to find it.  Luckily there wasn’t anyone around to hear me laughing.


I told ya this would be a quick seven takes; I could only come up with six.

Have a great weekend, and be sure to check out Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!  (And don’t forget Theme Thursday at Clan Donaldson!)

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