Theme Thursday, Volume 6

This week’s theme: Recess.  A word that makes me think of children playing outside, climbing on jungle gyms, playing kickball.  Our kids aren’t given enough opportunities to do these things anymore.  Schools keep them cooped up inside, and then wonder why the little boys can’t sit still.  We parents keep them cooped up inside because we’re afraid they’ll get kidnapped or run over.

When I look through the thousands of photos I have on my computer, I can find plenty of pictures of my boys playing outside.  I have lots of pictures of them frolicking in the surf and flying kites at the beach at various stages of growth.  I have pictures of them hiking through the woods, proudly holding up geocaches they’ve found, and striking various poses with mountains and valleys at their backs.  I have photos of them playing in their own yard, building forts and catching critters, throwing a baseball with their dad, fishing (we are lucky enough to have a whole lake right behind our house, albeit a small one), and even paddling around in our kayak.

This week I haven’t taken any picturess like those, mostly because it’s been quite hectic at my house, it being the beginning of the school year and all.  We did manage to have some fun over Labor Day weekend, though; on Saturday we joined my brother and sister-in-law and took in a Washington Nationals baseball game.  We had seats fairly close to the field, and I snapped this photo:


Ten bucks if you can name this player (just kidding).  The Nats were beaten badly by the New York Mets.  There was a Mets fan sitting behind us, and when Jayson “Duck Dynasty” Werth made a great play and threw a someone out, the guy yelled, “Now you’re WERTH all that money they’re payin’ ya!!” (Can you see me rolling my eyes?)

The REAL reason we attended this particular game?



I’ve seen Gavin DeGraw in concert once before, with my sister-in-law and a couple of other friends.  (I wrote about it on my other blog.  The ultimate girls’ night out.)  This time I had my husband and boys with me, and they enjoyed it almost as much as I did.


(Yes, I took photos of the Jumbotron.)

And yes, I did act like a teenager.  Again, just like last time.  When Gavin hopped off of the stage and made his way around the stadium to be closer to the audience, I climbed over the people beside us and ran to the front of the stands.  I even stood on a stadium seat to try and snap a good photo.


(Okay, it’s not the greatest, but it’s the best I could get.  Or shall I say, The Best I Ever Had??  Ha ha.  Quit rolling your eyes.)

Now I’ll be heading over to Clan Donaldson to check out other bloggers’ Recess photos; I hope you will too!  May they inspire us to make the time for a little recess every day.


About momn3boys

I'm a 50-something mom of three sons. I'm a teacher, Catholic since 1996, and a runner since 2014. I love the outdoors, books, and cooking. I became a widow in July of 2017, and now my boys are I are working together to find our new normal.
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