Theme Thursday, Volume Two: Askew

This might just become my new favorite link-up.  Given that this summer has been crazy (and I don’t think that will end when school starts) and I haven’t had time to post much of anything here, it’s a fun way to keep my blog somewhat up-to-date; plus it doesn’t take a lot of my time.

When I learned this week’s theme is “askew,” I thought, hmmmmm.  That might describe any number of pictures hanging on my wall at any given time.  Too easy.  Hoping to get some ideas, I did a Google image search for “askew,” and got this.  Yeah, OK.  Not very helpful.  I take lots of photos of all kinds of things with my camera turned at an angle; Curly took this one four years ago on our vacation in Yellowstone, on one of our hikes.  He wanted to make it look like the trail was steeper than it really was.  Haha.


I settled for a photo of a little tree down by our lake, growing a little askew and crooked so that it bends over the water.


I like to sit on one of the little benches in the mornings and drink my coffee.  Sometimes I reflect on the Mass readings for the day, sometimes I pray, sometimes I just sit and look at the water.  (Sometimes I look at social media. Bad, bad!)

Happy Almost-Friday, and be sure to check out Clan Donaldson for more awesome askew-ness!

P.S.  Wanna see more from that Yellowstone adventure?  Click here, here, and here.

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I'm a 40-something mom of three sons. I'm a teacher, lover of the outdoors, and a convert to the Catholic faith. My recent love of running and geocaching inspired me to start my blog, Ramblings of a Runner Cacher. Even though my family doesn't share my love for either of those things, we have A LOT of other things we enjoy together: movies, the beach, skiing, and Indy Car racing to name a few.
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