7 Quick Takes, Volume 9



We spent a wonderful Easter weekend with Joe’s parents in Williamsburg!  Joe and the kids played Corn Hole in their backyard on Saturday while I took a nap.  Then the in-law’s treated us to a movie (see Take #2), and we had dinner at an amazing Italian place.  After a lovely Easter Sunday Mass at St. Bede’s, we had a beautiful dinner of pork roast with roasted potatoes and carrots.  Grandma B made a chocolate and a banana cream pie for dessert (which, sadly, I was unable to eat because they contain flour), and as an “extra” side dish, she also made these:


Potato sticks in melted chocolate, molded in muffin tins, and filled with jelly bean “eggs.”  I will admit I indulged myself a little too much on these…but boy were they delicious, and super cute.


We saw the movie Oz the Great and Powerful, and we liked it MUCH better than Steven Greydanus did:

It was colorful, spectacular, funny, and touching.  Go see it.  I don’t know how much longer it will be in theaters.


In an attempt to get the boys out of the house this week, I proposed we go on a hike together.  Wednesday we took a little excursion to the Chancellorsville battlefield and explored some of the trails there.  Of course they weren’t the least bit interested in learning anything about what actually happened there during the Civil War; but hey, at least they got some outdoor exercise.  And Curly and Moe saw it as a great opportunity for “squatch hunting,” a la’ Finding Bigfoot.

IMG_3910            IMG_3917aIMG_3915

And yesterday, after finding excuses not to, I finally relented and took Moe and Curly to the driving range.  I have never played a round of golf in my entire life; other than the mandatory game of putt-putt when we go to the beach, and a once- or twice-yearly trip with Joe and the boys to the driving range.  After hitting a few balls, the owner of the place came out and said, “Mind if I give you all a few pointers?”  Not at all, we said.  He showed us how to grip our clubs properly for a better swing, and reminded us that we could take lessons there if we wanted to.  We thanked him and tried our best to practice what he had taught us.  And it’s pretty sad when your fourteen-year-old says, “Hey, Mom, you’re doing such-and-such wrong when you swing.  Let me show you…Okay, now you try…That’s better.”

Next time Joe is taking them.


Even though I have a ton of household chores I could have been doing this week (Spring Cleaning?? Never heard of it), I’ve spent quite a bit of time sitting around reading.  I finished Dean Koontz’ Odd Apocalypse, the most recent book in the Odd Thomas series.  (I wrote a review of one of the books on Goodreads; you can check that out here.)  I’m a little bit sad now because I don’t have any more Odd Thomas books to read until the next one comes out at the end of May.  A friend and fellow Odd Thomas fan loaned me her copy of another Dean Koontz book, Frankenstein: Prodigal Son, the first of his Frankenstein series.  She says he pulls elements of the original Mary Shelley novel and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.  Well, of course before I read it I must read Brave New World (I listened to Frankenstein years ago on audiobook) and even though my friend offered to loan that one to me as well, I went ahead and downloaded it.  I’m almost finished, and I’ve found it strangely prophetic in some ways–and completely far-fetched in others.  I may be offering some deep thoughts here about it, so stay tuned…

Anyway, I’m looking forward to starting the Frankenstein series this weekend.  (Oh, and I WAS looking forward to the new Odd Thomas movie, which was SUPPOSED to come out TODAY, but somehow whoever was supposed to promote and market it DIDN’T DO THEIR JOB, and the production company is in some big lawsuit with them and now they don’t have the money to get it into theaters. Blech.  OK, rant over.)


 I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing to have a Kindle app on one’s phone; now if there’s a book I want to read I can just click a couple of things and BAM, I have it.  Years ago I had to go find it at the library and if it was a popular book, I had to put myself on a waiting list.  I can generally read a book more quickly on my phone or my iPad, for some reason, so it allows me to read more books; and that’s a good thing, right?  Although, I only read the first Odd Thomas book in electronic format (I started it last summer when we were in Alaska) and the rest in “regular” book form, and I got through that series fairly quickly.  Stormy Llewellen, the love of Odd Thomas’ life, tells Odd that there’s something to be said for delayed gratification (and I think she was specifically talking about sex, but that it applies to all areas of life–including reading a book that you’ve been looking forward to reading for a long time); that it builds character and makes a person more patient.  Having a Kindle right on my phone makes it possible for me to NOT have to wait.  If and when that darn movie ever comes out, it sure as heck better be worth the wait! (Grrr…stew, stew, grumble, grumble…)


I’ve also spent this week pondering the issue of same-sex marriage, and I’ve been working on a blog post about it that I’m hoping to publish here in the next week or so.  Yesterday (thanks to my trusty Kindle app) I downloaded Getting the Marriage Conversation Right, by William May and started reading it.  I’m hoping it will help me to better express why it is essential to keep the “traditional” definition of marriage intact rather than re-defining it to suit the whims of society, without Bible-thumping and using purely religious arguments.  I’m really not all that worried about offending anyone, because I know that the people closest and dearest to me that don’t agree with me already know where I stand on the issue; they know I’m not a bigot, and we can have conversations about things we don’t see eye-to-eye on and still remain friends.  As for those few who might take offense (and maybe they won’t), well, I don’t know what else to say to them except I love you and I hope you’ll understand where I’m coming from on this.  Stay tuned.


And now for your viewing pleasure, here are my boys performing Brown Eyed Girl back in February.  (The boy on the left is a friend of theirs who plays with them frequently, and they’re even starting to talk about forming an actual band.  Dave, their instructor, is playing the guitar on the far right.)  I finally uploaded this to YouTube; and I must ask for your forgiveness for the completely lame and nonsensical title.  Being the first video I ever uploaded from my phone, I didn’t know how to give it a title, and now YouTube isn’t letting me change it for some reason.  Anyway, enjoy:

Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Easter!

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