7 Quick Takes, Volume 8



We had a nice little snowstorm here on Wednesday, enough to give us a couple of days off from school.  I spent the day puttering around the house, doing a little laundry, baking cookies, and wasting time on the computer (see Take #6.  Rand Paul rocks, y’all).  The boys helped shovel the driveway, which wasn’t an easy task since the snow was so wet and heavy.  They spent way too much time playing video games and watching Star Wars movies; although they did play outside a bit with their friends next door, even though it rained for much of the afternoon.  Moe came in several times to change clothes (yesterday I was still picking up articles of wet clothing from the floor), and Thursday morning I found the evidence of his shenanigans:

        IMG_3657  (I have no idea.  I think it’s the beginnings of a fort.)


This morning I heard birds singing.  Spring is just around the corner!



One thing I love about having a lake in our backyard is that I can look out of my windows and see ducks and geese swimming around.  Last week there was a duck I’d never seen before, and after a little searching I found out it’s a North American ring-necked duck, and this area is part of their winter range.

IMG_3535a IMG_3550 IMG_3649a

Over the weekend we discovered there are at least three males and two females.  They are fun to watch, especially when they go diving for their dinner.  I expect they’ll fly North into Canada soon.  I’ll miss them!


I had about two-thirds of a butternut squash left over from the Three Sisters Stew I made, so last Friday I made soup with it from a recipe I found online.  The boys complained as usual about yet another soup supper, and I will say that this one wasn’t nearly as good as the stew from last week.  I ended up adding a few more seasonings than the recipe called for (including curry, which I’ve put in pumpkin soup.  My friend Lesley gave me that recipe and I can’t find it anywhere…*sniff*) and of course I used vegetable stock instead of chicken.  Moe and Curly did NOT care for it, and I thought it was okay; Larry LOVED it and had some for lunch the next day.



Every year our local high school drama club performs a Broadway musical.  Only juniors and seniors are eligible to be in the cast, and Larry (a sophomore) is already speculating as to what musical they will present next year.  This year it was Godspell.  I will have to admit that I, the selfish mom that I am, was a little bummed that they didn’t wait another year for that one so Larry could be in it.  Many of his friends and a couple of my friends’ kids were participating, and last Friday the boys and I attended one of the shows.

I have only seen two productions of Godspell, both of which were high school performances.  I remember as a teenager seeing it for the first time, when my mother took us to see it at the school where she taught at the time.  I was surprised to learn that I already knew some of the songs, and I absolutely loved it.  Seeing it again this time after all these years was no different.  It was wonderful.  Even Curly and Moe, who complained about being dragged to some play they didn’t feel like watching, admitted that they enjoyed it.  I realized that Godspell is a fitting show to see during Lent (and much more pleasant to watch than The Passion of the Christ); even though Jesus’ miracles are pretty much omitted and Mary is nowhere to be seen, it is really a great witness to Jesus’ love for us.  The final scenes depicting the Last Supper and Christ’s passion and death are very moving.  I don’t know if Steven Schwartz (who also wrote Wicked, another one of my faves) is a Christian or not, but he gave us a great gift and I’m grateful to him.  As for the young performers, they were fabulous.  I downloaded all the music and have been listening to it all week.  This song may well be my favorite:


Have you adopted a cardinal yet?  There’s a neat little website, AdoptACardinal.org, where you enter your name and email address and it will randomly choose a cardinal for you to pray for between now and the end of the conclave.  My cardinal is Jamie Lucas Ortega y Alamino, Archbishop of San Cristóbal de la Habana, Cuba.

Click here to see which cardinal you can pray for!


And how about that filibuster the other day?  Wow.  Our cable was out (we won’t get it back until Sunday, which means our DVR couldn’t record Person of Interest last night, dang it) so I missed most of it but I got a kick out of following the proceedings on Twitter.  When Joe came home from work I announced to him that Rand Paul had been filibustering for something like six hours.  For the rest of the evening I was giving him regular updates, and I’m sure he was getting sick of hearing about them.  Finally at about 10:30 pm I sat down to my computer so I could actually watch them online (the live feed wouldn’t work on my iPad, and I didn’t want to watch on my phone), and I spent the next TWO HOURS listening to the arguments, reading people’s comments on Twitter, and posting some of my own.  It was fascinating, to say the least, and I was almost tempted to drive to Washington and take the cookies I had made that day to the U.S. Capitol.  Joe says I might have gotten myself arrested.


Have you seen this?  You might need a Kleenex.

Have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to visit Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!

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  1. Erica S. says:

    Ah, Godspell! Love it! I wore out my soundtrack in high school. By My Side is my favorite!

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