7 Takes, 7 Choices, 2013


It’s the 40th anniversary of “Roe v. Wade.”  Since then, nearly 56,000 children have been ripped from their mothers’ wombs.  And that’s just in the United States.  And the number keeps getting bigger.  (Take a look at this; it’s chilling.)

Once again, Jill Stanek is inviting pro-life bloggers to ask their pro-choice friends, “What exactly do you mean by Choice?”  I’m taking advantage of this week’s 7 Quick Takes to address this question.  (I did the same in 2011 and 2012.)


It seems that Planned Parenthood is changing its deceptive tactics.  They don’t want to talk about “choice” anymore; they’re spinning abortion into a complex issue that no one has the right to have an opinion about because, after all, we’re “Not In Her Shoes.” 

No, we’re not in her shoes.  We don’t know the circumstances of her life and that of her unborn child.  What we can do, though, is do all we can to help her through her situation, and provide her with the resources she’ll need to have a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, and to make sure her child is well cared for.  We must be kind and compassionate, for we don’t know what kinds of trauma she has endured already.

All Planned Parenthood wants to do is to make it as easy as possible for her to have her baby aborted so they can line their pockets with her money.  And have you seen Planned Parenthood’s new slogan?  “Care.  No Matter What.”  What a joke.  They don’t care about women.  Their motto really ought to be “Kill.  No Matter What.”  That would be much more accurate.


So, let’s talk about Tonya Reaves.  24 years old.  Walked into a Chicago abortion facility last July, where an abortionist dismembered her baby, and–oops–perforated her uterus.  He (she?) left parts of the placenta and I don’t know what else in Tonya’s womb for someone else to deal with.  The clinic workers left her bleeding at the facility for five hours, and eventually she was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.  No one called 911.  Once she arrived in the emergency room, doctors there weren’t even sure how serious her injuries were until they performed an ultrasound.  They tried to repair the damage inflicted by the abortionist, but she died twelve hours after arriving at the clinic.

Another victim of the Almighty Choice.  Read more about Tonya’s tragic and preventable death here.


Do you know The Crescat?  A fabulous Catholic blogger (her real name is Katrina Fernandez) who recently revealed on her blog that years ago, she had an abortion.  Last Saturday, she recalled the heartbreaking events that took place at that abortion clinic; in particular, what she saw in the vacuum cleaner:

The glass container was half full and splattered with blood. Even the tube that fed into the container was crusted with blood. What I saw inside the collection container defies belief, little baby parts swimming in a bloody muck. All those graphic photos you’ve ever seen of tiny dismembered arms and legs are accurate. Only this wasn’t just one set of tiny arms and legs… this was more than I could count. This wasn’t just one baby that was aborted and some careless worker forget to remove from the room. This looked like all the babies that had been aborted that day. All together in one glass container, swimming in a gruesome soup of blood and bits. They hadn’t even bothered to clean the equipment between patients and I suddenly realized they had every intention of using the same filthy equipment on me.

This is what “choice” looks like, folks; tiny arms and legs and blood.

I was suicidal for months after, drinking and consuming every pill I could find. I took the entire contents of mine and my roommate’s medicine cabinet one night. All I did was sleep for two days straight and no one checked on me. I think it was during that time that I eventually managed to bury those memories.

The abortion business is right when it says we’re Not In Her Shoes.  It seems they do their business on their “customers” and look the other way, failing to acknowledge the damage they are inflicting.


Live Action recently published some revealing statements from abortionists.  There was one in particular that truly glared at me:

“I think in many ways I’ve been lucky to have been part of this. If I hadn’t gotten involved, I would have gone through life probably being perfectly satisfied to go to the medical society parties and it would have been very, very dull. I would have been bored silly.”

Did I read that right?  This abortionist killed babies so she would have something interesting to talk about at PARTIES??

Heaven help us.


How easy it is for us to be discouraged.  I ran across this article just today from Town Hall that reminds us how Roe v. Wade and the abortion mindset has twisted and perverted the idea of “freedom of choice.”  It used to mean that we are free to choose to do the right thing–one example the author gives is when a person is destitute, they can break into someone’s house and steal their belongings, or they can save and scrimp and work their way out of poverty (which, as many are aware, is much harder than it sounds).  Which person will we praise?   Now, “freedom of choice” has come to mean the freedom to do whatever we want regardless of whether it’s right or wrong, including the freedom to kill our own children .  The article gives us some ways we can encourage abortion-minded women to choose life for their unborn babies.   The author stops short of a couple of important things though:

–prayer (see Take no. 6)

–supporting your local crisis pregnancy center.  We are blessed to have several in our area  (Birthright, Mary’s Shelter, the Paul Stefan Home, to name a few–and these are run by Catholics, so don’t you DARE try and tell me Catholics don’t care about women.  If it weren’t for places like these, we would have more dead children and more women in despair.)


In Katrina’s heart-wrenching piece, she reminds her readers how important prayer is for women like her who have had abortions, and women who are contemplating getting one.   The prayers of others help her get through the dark days, and to cope with her awful memories.

The USCCB has launched a novena for Life, and it’s not too late to join.  Please click here, and start praying for an end to abortion and for healing for all those who have been involved in abortion.  We will beat this.


Watch this video.  You might have seen it.  It’s been making its rounds online for the last couple of weeks.


We were all devastated and outraged when Adam Lanza killed 26 people, 20 of them young children.   And yet when thousands of children are murdered every day in their own mothers’ wombs, too many of us are indifferent.

Are you going to the March for Life?  I think now, after the re-election of Obama and over 55 million children mercilessly put to death, it’s more important than ever to stand up for Life in whatever way we can.  If you can make it to Washington on Friday (I hope the weather cooperates; right now they’re calling for snow. Pray!), or a Walk For Life in another city, that’s fantastic.  If not, consider saying extra prayers for mothers and babies, or giving a little more of your time or treasure to a crisis pregnancy center or pro-life organization.  (AND… head on over to 40 Days for Life and order David Bereit and Shawn Carney’s new book!)

Now, I know I probably haven’t changed anybody’s mind here.  If you were pro-choice (or whatever term Planned Parenthood would like you to use now) when you started reading this, you’re probably still pro-choice now; and it’s possible you’re even upset with me for calling abortion the evil that it is.  May I be so bold as to say it’s the worst injustice in our society today.  We must do everything we can to stop it.

Thanks to Jill Stanek for all she does for life, and for giving me the opportunity to do so as well.

(And thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting “7 Quick Takes.”  You can find more quick takes here!)

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  1. cedarsandtinyflowers says:

    Found you through quick takes! Thanks for your post. I hadn’t read Katrina’s post yet. Chilling and so terrible.

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